Grace Frohlich

Actor, creator, silly human

~ Currently based in London, UK ~

About me

I was born in Israel back at a time when Tetris was the highlight of a child’s day.
Spent my teenage years taking acting classes and performing in a variety of community theatre productions.
After completing my 2-year stint in the army, I went into Film and Television Studies in Tel Aviv University and midway through school began shifting my focus towards acting.

I joined and helped establish The Israeli Musical Theater Company (The IMTC), where I assisted with directing, producing and translating shows, in addition to performing.

In 2013 I graduated from Impro – Film Acting Studio, after which I moved to London, UK to persue my career.

Since then I have been creating original short films and music videos, continued taking acting classes to hone my craft, and worked to make our world a kinder place.